PVC Garden Screen

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  • Durable PVC screening fence: Brown
  • Available in 7 sizes – three heights and two lengths
  • Quick drying all-weather resistant – mold resistant
  • Easy to install – can be cut and trimmed by height to suit any setting
  • Provides effective wind protection


Enjoy your garden free from the eyes of your neighbours with these timelessly elegant PVC screening fences from casa pura. Constructed with the use of durable PVC piping, this fencing ensures lifelong durability with little to no maintenance required. As PVC is a fast drying material, mold and moss won’t be a worry.

  • Easy maintenance, dries quickly
  • Fastens to balustrades of balconies, verandas, terraces, etc.
  • Aesthetic and robust
  • Easy to adjust according to your needs


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