Portable Odor Eliminating Plug-in Ionic Air Purifier & Ozone Generator


$9.90 $7.10

1.Cleansing inner air, remove smelly shoes, smoke,sports
equipment, the smell from pets etc.
2.Remove formaldehyde,benzene and other harmful gases
from decoration material, new furniture, paint, etc.
3.Sterilize bacterium from pets, sewer, toys, cloths, etc.,
prevent get mildewed, mosquito breeding.
4.Remove radiation from computer and other electrical
appliances, reduce the harm of radiation.
5.Suit for: bedrooms, pet areas, bathrooms, kitchens,
closets,cabinets, garbage , locker rooms, etc.



  •  PORTABLE IONIZING AIR PURIFIER: The portable ionic air purifier was designed to be sleek and compact. Its small size makes it perfect for use in the home, office, bathroom, closet or any space with limited air flow.
  • ATTACKS ODORS RATHER THAN JUST MASKING THEM: Ionic air purifiers help eliminate and neutralize airborne bacteria and odors. Ozone generators are unique in that they do not produce any chemical smells and do not require a filter.


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