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Sincerest is a very famous group company specializes in the production of outdoor furniture from 2008 year.

Over the years Sincerest is constantly looking ahead with long-standing experience and deeply rooted in the field of home furnishing at now. we built up a network of close relationships with retailers around the globe while gradually better understanding their needs when it came to sourcing options. DRX was born from our vision of how to best translate our knowledge and valuable network into a deeper better, supply infrastructure for our retailers.

Sincerest has strategic partnerships and long lasting relationships with the top product manufacturers and factories around the world through which our sourcing teams offer valuable new directions to our retailers.

Our primary focus is supply for private label and top selling innovative cross category consumer products from around the world. Our uniquely sophisticated sourcing system has become a dependable mass supplier to the world’s leading big box retailers. Our award winning innovative products have already seen tens of millions of dollars in sales around the world and are sold to our retailers directly from the manufacturer in high quantity to ensure the lowest possible pricing.

The bedrock of our organization is the belief that once we properly understand each of our retailers specific needs, we can use our resources and capabilities to cater to them no matter what they might be.


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